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Full-Service CDI Staffing

CDI Search Group is laser focused on providing a single service, extremely well: placing skilled, knowledgeable CDI professionals in positions where they’ll thrive.

While it may sound simple, there’s a lot involved in the process, including:

In general, this process takes just 6-8 weeks to find a permanent solution, saving our hospitals time and allowing them to get back to the business of caring for their patients.

Our Clients

We work with a wide range of healthcare systems, from small, 100-bed facilities to major university hospitals. Throughout the years, we’ve worked with:

We have worked with enough clients to understand that each organization has a particular structure and we’ve become quite adept at fitting ourselves into the specific workflow of our clients.

Our Candidates

We seek out top CDI talent all across the country and pride ourselves on working only with experienced, qualified CDI professionals. This means that our candidates are prepared to step into their new roles with relatively little friction, giving our clients maximum efficiency in their Clinical Documentation programs.

Permanent Solutions – Not Quick Fixes

Over years of successful searches, we have learned that temporary CDI staffing can provide quick fixes, but permanent staff provide momentum and continuity to a hospital’s CDI program. Permanent teams of effective CDI professionals can optimize quality of care while maximizing reimbursements with the current payer mix and respond to future changes. We search for matches that will provide positive, long-term return on investment for hospitals and a rewarding cultural fit for our candidates.

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Contract & Interim Placements

Whether it’s maternity leave, short-term disability, or an extended sabbatical, occasionally a hospital needs someone to temporarily fill a gap in its CDI program. Some hospitals try to shuffle their existing staff and train a novice from another department, but Clinical Documentation is complicated and requires experienced CDI professionals to ensure continued productivity.

We provide knowledgeable, professional CDI Specialists to help bridge the gap, making sure hospitals can continue to perform at their peak level, even when a member of their permanent team is out.

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Finding the Right Match. Every Time.

We’ve spent years establishing meaningful connections with CDI professionals and hiring managers across the country. During that time, we’ve learned what it takes to find the best candidate for the job.

Some firms run automated searches on online résumés, thinking every CDI Specialist with 3 years of experience is equally qualified for every CDI job.

We know there’s much more to it than that. We understand that every hospital’s program is different. We know that CDI specialists need some chutzpah to challenge doctors and a certain personality to be able to develop relationships with the rest of the team. By taking the time to get to know our candidates, we’re able to figure exactly where they’ll thrive.

How do we define a good match?

We’re so confident we’ll find a good match we guarantee it!

Our Guarantee

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Focused Solely On Clinical Documentation

To most recruiters, all Clinical Documentation programs and CDI Specialists look alike. We're not most recruiters; we've dedicated years to understanding the nuances of Clinical Documentation.

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Better Placements Through Strong Relationships

We take the time to get to know our candidates and clients, allowing us to find the best fit for all involved. Not only does this create happy, fulfilled CDI professionals, but also it's great for a hospital's ROI.

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National Presence. Boutique Service.

While we place healthcare professionals across the entire United States, we're still Oregonians at heart, which means you'll get great service.

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