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At the heart of our business has always been a desire to help Clinical Documentation professionals find careers they love. In order to achieve this for every one of our Candidates, we offer comprehensive personal consultations and a few helpful online career tools. We’re working to improve these tools and plan to roll out some exciting new features over the coming year (including an online CDI Proficiency Assessment), but our best resources are always just a phone call away. Drop us a line any time. We’d love to hear from you!

Become a Candidate

The best way to take advantage of our services is to become a Candidate. Put yourself on our radar and let us know that you’re serious – or will be soon – about finding a new opportunity. It’s free and you’ll be giving yourself a huge head start over the casual job seeker. We’ll get to know you, help you get your résumé in order, work on your interview skills, and start looking for positions specifically for you.

Become a Candidate

Featured Job Opportunities

Browse a selection of some of our current opportunities. Keep in mind that not all of our opportunities make it to the website…

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Résumé Assistance

Refreshing your résumé can seem like a daunting task, but don’t worry! We’re here to help.
After years of working with hiring managers in the healthcare industry, we have developed a résumé template to help you show off your experience and qualifications in a simple, effective manner. Download the CDI Résumé Template, take a look at our CDI Résumé Sample, and follow these simple Tips and Instructions to create a professional résumé that reflects your expertise.

Résumé Template Résumé Sample Tips & Instructions

If you’re having trouble getting started or if you want us to take a look,send us your current resume. We’ll review it and tell you what we think.

Interview Preparation

Interviews can be intimidating, but we can help make it much less stressful. Your interviewers have already seen your resume and know quite a bit about you; if you’ve gotten this far, they’re reasonably confident in your raw CDI skills. Now is the time to get more specific, personal, and demonstrate that you’re a good fit for their organization. Take a look at our Phone Interview Checklist and Face-to-Face Interview Tips to get started.

Phone Interview Checklist Face-to-Face Interview Tips

Relocation Assistance

For some of our Candidates, relocation is the main goal of working with us. Whether they want to be closer to family or are just looking for better weather, we do our best to find opportunities in each Candidate’s dream location. Other times, relocation is just a happy surprise. Either way, CDI Search Group will help with the relocation process; we’ll connect successful Candidates to helpful resources, talk about schools and neighborhoods, and help negotiate relocation packages with the new employer. If you’re considering a move, take a look at some of our Relocation Tools and don’t hesitate to contact us with questions.

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To most recruiters, all Clinical Documentation programs and CDI Specialists look alike. We're not most recruiters; we've dedicated years to understanding the nuances of Clinical Documentation.

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We take the time to get to know our candidates and clients, allowing us to find the best fit for all involved. Not only does this create happy, fulfilled CDI professionals, but also it's great for a hospital's ROI.

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While we place healthcare professionals across the entire United States, we're still Oregonians at heart, which means you'll get great service.

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