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I am often asked what the focuses of my reviews are and why. Leadership hopes I will answer with a DRG, diagnosis, and/or procedural codes that will have the biggest impact.  To a degree this is appropriate, because that is partly what our CDI programs accomplish: a return on investment. It is necessary, though, not to

ICD-10 Transition: Ready Or Not Here It Comes!

As the ICD-10 implementation date nears closer there is a panic in the air-are we ready?! From the Clinical Documentation Improvement (CDI) perspective, many of the Specialists have taken ICD-10 classes or are planning to prior to the implementation. But by solely taking a class will you be ready? Will that knowledge transfer through the

Exceeded Expectations

It would be easy to write a blog about how annoying other CDI recruitment groups are. How much they remind me of vultures in their approach to finding specialists. How they give no mind to constant pestering with unwanted solicitation of potential jobs. How they throw job offers to people with no regard to the

The Myth Of The One Page Resume

I remember applying for a job several years back. The words of my college career advisor rang in my head: “keep it to a page.” The problem was, at this point I had been out of college for a while. With several jobs and promotions under my belt, the raw amount of text was spilling

My Top 10 List For Maintaining Success

As the summer heat begins to cool and the smell of charcoal grills mixed with salty coastal breezes fade, I decided to reflect on how I insure continued success at work. The days can start to feel mundane when you’ve been working on the same unit for more than a month, so when I think

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